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Yann Tiersen announces a new album, Portrait featuring 25 newly recorded tracks from throughout his career including three new songs

A collection of 25 newly recorded tracks from throughout his career that includes three new songs, out on Mute on 6 December 2019. The album will be released on heavyweight triple vinyl, double CD and digitally. Both the clear and black vinyl editions of Portrait include a 7” with exclusive harpsichord versions of ‘Comptine d’Un Autre Été (L’Après-Midi)’ and ‘The Waltz of the Monsters’, unavailable elsewhere.

 Recorded with musicians together live in The Eskal studio to 24 track 2 inch tape,mixed to stereo ¼ inch tape then mastered from tape to vinyl, the album is a fully analogue approach for Tiersen. “Limiting our ability to digitally manipulate, overdub or make changes after deciding a creative path gave an energy and beautiful tension to the recording process which I’d found was being lost with the limitless possibilities of digital recording. Not translating sounds into 1 and 0 keeps music in the real world. 


Portrait is available on clear or black triple heavy weight vinyl, double CD or cassette tape. The vinyl release comes with two additional exclusive tracks.

Full tracklisting

1.Introductory Movement (featuring Stephen O’Malley)
2.The Long Road (La Longue Route)
3.Monochrome (featuring Gruff Rhys)
4.Chapter 19
5.Rue des Cascades
6.The Old Man Still Wants It
7.Gwennilied (featuring Emilie Tiersen)
8.Prad (featuring Stephen O’Malley)
9.Diouz An Noz
10.Porz Goret
11.La Dispute

14.The Wire (Sur le Fil)
15.The Waltz of the Monsters
16.Closer (featuring Blonde Redhead)
18.The Jetty
20.Prayer No.2
22. Kala
23.Comptine d’Un Autre Été (L’Après-Midi)

24.Tempelhof (Part 2)
25.Thinking Like A Mountain (Feat. John Grant & Stephen O’Malley)

____plus on the vinyl release only___

26.Waltz of the Monsters (Harpsichord Version)

27.Comptine d’Un Autre Été (L’Après-Midi) (Harpsichord Version)

Featuring collaborations with John Grant, Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals, Stephen O’Malley from Sunn O))), and Blonde Redhead, the album was recorded with touring collaborators Emilie Tiersen, Ólavur Jakúpsson and Jens L Thomsen at The Eskal, the new analogue studio complex Tiersen recently built on his home island of Ushant in Brittany.

 “The apparent lightness or simplicity of some of my tracks has always been a disguise or reaction to their darker side. For instance "La Dispute" is about extreme violence, blood, death and the strange state of shock you feel in the moments after something horrible has happened. That’s one of my darkest tracks and I've always felt uncomfortable with the idea of people thinking it’s a romantic thing to listen to on a date.

People seemed to understand it when it was first released, but the use of my music for cinematic purposes put a sort of false mask on the face of the monster.

Portrait puts my tracks in context again so people can listen to my music and see it for what it is and not for what it's been used for.”



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The album ALL examines Tiersen’s renewed interest and deeper connection to his own place within nature. Predominately sung in Breton, the album features several guest vocalists. Anna von Hausswolff is the guest vocalist on ‘Koad’ while Ólavur Jákupsson collaborates on ‘Erc’h’ and Breton singer-songwriters Denez Prigent (‘Gwennilied’), Emilie Tiersen and Gaëlle Kerrien all feature on the album. 

ALL incorporates field recordings from Brittany, Devon and, on ‘Tempelhof’, the only urban area recorded for the album, at the Tempelhof airport in Berlin which was decommissioned and has since been reclaimed by nature. Uncut described the track’s “layering growling feedback and field recordings over a poignant piano melody”.






Solo Piano Album ‘EUSA’


Eusa is the name of the Island Yann Tiersen calls home in Breton Language. In English it is called Ushant, in French it’s Ouessant.

In 2016 Yann Tiersen began releasing the first in a series of solo piano works paired with field recordings from the island. First there was EUSA the sheet music. Then EUSA the recording from Abbey Road, followed by the field recording available as stand alone releases. In 2017 two lost piano tracks from the same period were released on 7" vinyl and the circle was completed with the release of Hent, the improvised piano pieces that link EUSA together being made available on 12".

Together they complete the full story of EUSA I.



(Recorded Live at Abbey Road)


(Recorded Live at Abbey Road)