Yann Tiersen

A new album called ‘ALL’

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The new album ALL examines Tiersen’s renewed interest and deeper connection to his own place within nature. Predominately sung in Breton, the album features several guest vocalists. Anna von Hausswolff is the guest vocalist on ‘Koad’ while Ólavur Jákupsson collaborates on ‘Erc’h’ and Breton singer-songwriters Denez Prigent (‘Gwennilied’), Emilie Tiersen and Gaëlle Kerrien all feature on the album. 

ALL incorporates field recordings from Brittany, Devon and, on ‘Tempelhof’, the only urban area recorded for the album, at the Tempelhof airport in Berlin which was decommissioned and has since been reclaimed by nature. Uncut described the track’s “layering growling feedback and field recordings over a poignant piano melody”.






Solo Piano Album ‘EUSA’


Eusa is the name of the Island Yann Tiersen calls home in Breton Language. In English it is called Ushant, in French it’s Ouessant.

In 2016 Yann Tiersen began releasing the first in a series of solo piano works paired with field recordings from the island. First there was EUSA the sheet music. Then EUSA the recording from Abbey Road, followed by the field recording available as stand alone releases. In 2017 two lost piano tracks from the same period were released on 7" vinyl and the circle was completed with the release of Hent, the improvised piano pieces that link EUSA together being made available on 12".

Together they complete the full story of EUSA I.



(Recorded Live at Abbey Road)


(Recorded Live at Abbey Road)